Safety and Security on Campus


Police / Fire / Ambulance 000 Police Assistance 131 444

The nearest Police station is Port Adelaide which is open 24 hours. 244 Vincent Street PORT ADELAIDE SA 5015 08 8207 6444

Emergency + app Download the free Emergency+ app for iOS and Android devices which: • provides you with information about when to call Triple Zero • provides you with information about who to call in non-emergency situations • assists you to dial the relevant number • displays the GPS coordinates of the phone's location that you can read to the emergency operator.

Evacuation Process for C Block As soon as you hear an alarm go off, the Lecturer will:

• Ask all students to remain seated; • Nominate a student to lead the rest of the class to go to the Courtyard. This is 20 metres to the eastern side – signposted in green; • The Lecturer will take a roll check to ensure all students are accounted for before leaving the classroom. If you cannot leave the building, remain in the stair well; • Classroom doors to remain closed and locked; • DO NOT USE MOBILE PHONES; • If there is a fire, then Security will be at the fire panel; • Lecturer in charge to take the scanner to ICHM Admin and record official attendance as soon as practicable; • If a person with a disability is within the group, then they are to be left in the stair well for Fire Wardens to collect.

ICHM Sexual Assault, Harassment & Mental Health safety The ICHM First Responders team can assist students if they are requiring help, or in the event of an incident. These people are: • Renata Wilson – Senior Student Counsellor and Welfare Advisor • Dr Nathan Crane – Lecturer and Chair, ICHM Community Welfare Advisory Group • Annabelle Roelink - Industry & Career Development Manager • Petra Seitz - Lecturer







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