This is not business

as usual.


We are ICHM. A new breed business educator, here to advance new breed thinkers.

ICHM champions ‘learning forward’ - focusing on the learning of tomorrow as industry ready grads. Giving young talent the skills, networks and hands-on experience to hit the ground running.

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Work with real industry partners

Experience on tap - access to 2500 + Alumni who are leaders in multiple industries.


Our industry connections result in 87% of our student body working in their industry after graduation


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Why Study with ICHM?

Established in 1992 in Adelaide, our goal is to enable students to adapt to change. With the skills, networks, and experience to be industry ready.


Why choose ICHM?

We are the new business and hospitality school for new breed of thinkers.

Flexible online and in-person learning options to fit study around your life.

The Government endorsed Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) Graduate Outcome Survey (GOS) 2021 report shows that 96.3% of ICHM graduates are employed shortly after completion of their course.

Supportive academic and support staff helping you reach your goals.








Our Online Learning Platform

Modern. Flexible. Intuitive.


A ‘hybrid’ approach - delivering the best in Ed Tech mixed with hands on experience

and training with leading business practitioners.









Our Professional Associations & Affiliations



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ArmaStudy adelaideIeaaCDAAAcodeEuhofaIheaPassCauthe



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