Undergraduate Certificate of Hotel, Tourism and Hospitality Operations

Undergraduate Certificate of Hotel, Tourism and Hospitality Operations
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Available for domestic students only.

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ICHM’s standard mode of delivery is face to face with incorporated technology enhanced learning (TEL).

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6 months

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4 total

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Undergraduate Certificate of Hotel, Tourism and Hospitality Operations

AQF Level


Available for domestic students only.

This short course has been designed to meet the current hospitality industry skills shortage in the area of frontline entry level job roles within hospitality, tourism and hotels. Whilst placed within hospitality based industry roles by ICHM’s current Industry and Career Development Managers potential students will undertake formalised online or on-campus learning specifically focused on the industry need area of Rooms Division and COVID-19 Hygiene whilst also undertaking studies in broader tourism and employability development areas.


Academic Requirements - Domestic Students

Applicants with recent secondary education (within the past 2 years) must have:

  • Completion of Year 12 with Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education or IB20.

Applicants with work and life experience must demonstrate the ability to undertake study at this level with:

  • Evidence of professional and/or post secondary qualifications; OR

  • Evidence of employment experience; OR

  • Evidence of the development of skills, abilities and knowledge from life experience.

Other Admission options 

  • Evidence of successful completion of a Tertiary Preparations Program or Foundation Program

  • A pass in the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT).

Applicants with Indigenous Australian background

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander applicants are encouraged to apply and may enter either through any of the pathways outlined above and/or through the life experience pathway as described above. Applicants must also provide ‘Confirmation of Aboriginality or Torres Strait Islander Heritage’ at the time of their application.

Special Consideration

Where an applicant provides documentary evidence from the school or a medical practitioner of circumstances beyond their control that impacted their secondary studies the college will consider exceptional admissions.

Where a student has not achieved traditional Year 12 (or equivalent) entry they may be admitted to ICHM on the basis of a Tertiary Preparation Program.

Interstate or Overseas Year 12

Students from interstate will be assessed on equivalent requirements.

Domestic applicants with overseas qualifications will be assessed on the entry requirements for international students (except for English language requirements).

Domestic Applicants with Overseas Qualifications

Domestic applicants with overseas qualifications will be assessed on the entry requirements for international students (except for English language requirements). For details please refer to the entry requirements for the specific course.

Admissions Arrangements for Minors:

Minors may enrol in courses with parental consent, provided they meet the selection criteria for their chosen courses and turn 18 before the first census date for the course in which they are enrolled.

International students who are under 18, are not admitted to College programs unless they meet the requirements described within the regulations as set out in Standard 5 of the National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 (as updated from time to time). The Admission of minors is subject to the approval of the Program Director Academic.

Previous Study or Industry Experience

Students are encouraged to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for study taken at another institution; as well as time they may have spent working in a business environment. Approved recognition or credit for previous study or work, may reduce a student's overall cost and study workload, or duration.


  • Students who have undertaken some study at other universities, colleges or business schools looking to transfer, and gain the advantage of a higher level qualification

  • Industry personnel with experience and some training, seeking qualifications with international recognition.


  • Submit a full application to ICHM indicating that you want to apply for recognition of your prior learning

  • Students will be required to submit certified English translations of all academic/other documents (e.g. curriculum) where necessary

  • A grade of “status” will be given for those subjects where a student has been successful in applying for Recognition of Prior Learning

  • Where recognition is not granted prior to commencement students will be required to attend classes until exemptions are determined

  • As part of the recognition assessment, where students are unable to provide sufficient documentation and evidence, recognition cannot be granted

  • A process of appeal is available in cases of disputes over decisions or refunds granted under these policies.


Australia’s Higher Education providers are registered and monitored by a number of Commonwealth Government departments and agencies. Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) has responsibility for the registration of ICHM, and to accredit its courses. ICHM has been registered for seven years, the longest term TEQSA is able to approve private providers. All courses and qualifications listed on this page are Registered Courses with Course Codes are approved by TEQSA. ICHM’s TEQSA ID is PRV12099.


  • Master of International Hotel Management CRS1400554

  • Graduate Diploma in International Hotel Management CRS1400553

  • Graduate Certificate in International Hotel Management CRS1400552

  • Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) CRS1200832

  • Bachelor of Business CRS1401090

  • Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) CRS1401096

  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing) CRS1401093

  • Associate Degree of Business CRS1401091

  • Associate Degree of Business (Entrepreneurship) CRS1401097

  • Associate Degree of Business (Marketing) CRS1401094

  • Diploma of Business CRS1401092

  • Diploma of Business (Entrepreneurship) CRS1401098

  • Diploma of Business (Marketing) CRS1401095

  • Undergraduate Certificate of Hotel, Tourism and Hospitality Operations CRS14001045


The Commonwealth Department of Education and Training has approved ICHM as a FEE-HELP provider. FEE-HELP allows Australian and other eligible students students to obtain student loans.

The Study Assist website studyassist.gov.au provides information for students about government assistance for financing tertiary study.


The Tuition Protection Service (TPS) is an initiative of the Australian Government to assist and support students whose education providers are unable to complete the delivery of their course of study. While provider closures are rare, when a provider does stop delivering a course it can be a worrying and uncertain time for students. The TPS is in place to provide information and assist affected students. In relation to ICHM, the TPS provides assistance and support to:

  • International students on student visas

  • Domestic higher education students accessing the Higher Education Loans Program (FEE-HELP)

  • Domestic full fee paying students.

In the event of a provider default, eligible students will be supported to continue their studies in an equivalent or similar course, receive a loan re credit for open units of study, or receive a refund for their upfront payments made for an affected unit.


The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training. The AQF describes the equivalencies of Australian undergraduate and postgraduate degrees; the ICHM Master of International Hotel Management, Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship), Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) are thus equivalent in standing to any Australian university degree.


Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) teqsa.gov.au

Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) aqf.edu.au

Commonwealth Register of Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) cricos.education.gov.au

Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) internationaleducation.gov.au/Regulatory-Information/ Pages/Regulatoryinformation.aspx

International Education (IE) Group internationaleducation.gov.au

Study Assist studyassist.gov.au

Fees for the Undergraduate Certificate of Hotel, Tourism and Hospitality Operations are:

Degree Tuition fee per subject (unit of study) Number of subjects Indicative course fee
Undergraduate Certificate of Hotel, Tourism and Hospitality Operations $3,257

No tuition fee for Work Integrated Learning subject

3 Subjects

1 Work Integrated Learning subject



Note: All fees are subject to change without notice. All fees will be adjusted annually to reflect increases. Tuition fees quoted at the time of entry/study in the prospectus are for that year only. All monetary amounts are quoted in Australian Dollars. 

FEE Help is available to FEE-HELP eligible students.

See our other financial considerations for other expenses to factor in when considering study.

Orientation sessions at ICHM are held in week one at the start of each study period to provide a friendly welcome to all new students from Australia and around the world.

With students drawn from across Australia and around the world, students may not know anyone else before they start studying. The orientation sessions are offered to help you get to know each other, introduce you to campus life in Adelaide, to help you get to know your learning environment, support services and facilities, understand our mutual obligations, our services, meet your lecturers, and just generally settle in.

The Undergraduate Certificate of Hotel, Tourism and Hospitality Operations will be launched in 2022. ICHM will provide indicative student numbers once the first intake has commenced.



What to Expect

    BBHM101 The Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism Industry

    This subject will enable the student to develop an appropriate understanding of the global hospitality and tourism industry. The students will be provided with an overview of the industries including their functions, services, and locations that make up the key characteristics of the international contemporary hospitality and tourism industry.

    BBHM104 Rooms Division Service Standards

    This subject will enable the student to demonstrate professional knowledge and skills in Rooms Division, particularly in the Housekeeping and Concierge departments.
    Student will examine some of the common Housekeeping and Concierge operational characteristics as well as the products and services required to ensure standard delivery and guests’ safety and security.

    BBHM109 Employability Skills for Future Hoteliers

    This subject will enable students to gain an understanding of contemporary communication skills necessary for the hospitality business environment. Students will develop personal, social and professional skills, knowledge and techniques which can be utilised and applied within a range of hospitality and tourism business contexts.

    BBHM111b Work Integrated Learning

    This subject will enable the student to apply and integrate theory with the practice of work so they may develop their knowledge, skills and professional networks through lived experience in a professional workplace setting. This workplace setting may include an international hotel, hotel, tourism or other hospitality related environment approved by ICHM.



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