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ICHM prides itself on the quality and number of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placements available to its students. These placements form an integral and extremely valuable part of all the ICHM degree programs.

ICHM works with a number of valued industry partners across hospitality and broader business industries, both within Australia and around the world, to secure placements which will enhance the career prospects of each individual student.



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About Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

The professional internship provides a placement opportunity which enables students to consolidate the skills and knowledge they have acquired in practical, professional settings to achieve the subject learning outcomes and complete assessments which integrate theory and practice and facilitate self-reflection and critical analysis.

In addition to participating in the workforce with a host company, as part of a structured internship or creating their own entrepreneurship venture, the students will also complete a placement project on an issue of strategic value to their host company or own venture, as described in the next section.

Students will critically reflect upon their own development plan and progress through the preparation of a reflective assessment that considers the impact of identified workplace experiences on their personal development and future career progression opportunities. This subject also allows students the opportunity to explore their professional interests; test their industry expectations or possible start-up creations and ideas; apply, practice and develop real world employability skills; and form professional networks for future career success.


What to Expect

ICHM’s Work Integrated Learning (WIL) process has been designed to ensure students leave their degree industry ready and able to hit the ground running. Students should expect the following from their curated WIL experience:

  • The ability to put into practice the skills and knowledge learnt during the on-campus semesters

  • In-depth on-the-job experience

  • Insight into the world of work and the responsibilities it involves

  • Realistic experiences of the hotel and other business environments

  • The opportunity to experience different company cultures, systems & work practices

  • Rigorous and relevant assessment

  • An insight into a range of career paths

  • Personal growth and independence

  • Networking opportunities for future employment.



The Work Integrated Learning (WIL) process begins early in the study period prior to your WIL placement.

  1. Students are asked to list their preferred destination on their WIL placement request form, prepare their resume and meet with the Industry Career & Development (ICD) Managers.

  2. ICHM’s ICD Managers research the available positions at suitable host organisations. If a student meets an organisation’s requirements, the ICD Managers formally apply on their behalf.

  3. From here the selection requirements will vary across organisations; some placements require face to face, telephone or online interviews with the host organisation making the final decision on the student’s eligibility for placement.



ICHM will always endeavour to locate a position within a host organisation in a preference area for the student. Organisations available along with their location may also impact on the position available.

The search for the right position for each student is undertaken by both the student and their assigned Industry Career & Development (ICD) Manager working together to ensure the right role is sourced. ICHM aims to find Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placements for students in positions deemed suitable to fulfill the requirements of the course, and the student’s demonstrated capabilities at that time.

Students may source their own WIL placement as long as it meets the ICHM host organisation and role requirements. If a student currently holds a role within an industry environment meeting the ICHM WIL placement requirements they are welcome and encouraged to maintain that role as part of the WIL program.

ICHM encourages all students to keep their career goals in mind when nominating placement.

Where a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placement is a student’s first role within an industry environment, it is strongly recommended they stay in Australia or their home country.

International placements may be possible subject to a number of factors;

  • The student’s ability to obtain a work visa for that country (as this is their own responsibility)

  • They must be able to financially support themselves during the period

  • Their ability to communicate in that country’s language.

There are limits to the number of students ICHM can place in properties and locations, so sometimes the student’s first choice cannot be accommodated.

ICHM delivers a mixture of both paid and unpaid Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placements. If the student is able to secure a paid placement they will be remunerated in accordance with Australian National Employment Standards and any corresponding industrial award.

Unpaid WIL placements allow for a student to experience an industry environment which may more closely align with their future career goals and enable them to view a variety of roles within the business disciplines.

Students considering specific WIL placement offers will have ample opportunity to assess the conditions and expected outcomes before beginning the application process.

The Industry Career & Development (ICD) team makes contact with all students whilst they complete their Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placement. This contact comes in a variety of forms including, online meetings, phone calls, and industry onsite visits.

An ICHM WIL lecturer is assigned to ensure the WIL journey is structured and assessment assistance can be provided throughout the trimester.

The ICD team along with the ICHM Student Welfare team are available for the student’s entire WIL journey to ensure success.

A number of assessment approaches are utilised to ensure that each student is able to extract the most from their assigned Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placement.

Host organisation employers are required to assess students across a variety of performance measures while on WIL placement to provide feedback. This feedback is then reviewed to allow students to continue to reflect on and enhance the development of their employability skills to ensure they are career-ready upon completion of the Bachelor degree.

Students must also complete a set of authentic subject assessment criteria while on placement. Refer to the WIL Placement Policy and the Student Policies & Procedures for additional details regarding WIL placements.



Industry and Career Development (ICD)

ICHM is focused on producing career-ready grads and has dedicated industry focused members of Academic staff to ensure students get the development they need to enter industry as a change-maker for the future. The development of their employability skills is paramount to your industry success.

The ICD teamwork provides students the opportunity to work in a professional environment, using and enhancing the skills and knowledge you have developed during your studies at ICHM.

Each member of the ICD team has significant industry experience enabling them to assist students with their placements; but also provide an insight into the career paths available to them.

ICHM’s Student Employability Development Model showcases the range of development opportunities available to you as you progress through the embedded Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program.


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