The International College of Hotel Management (ICHM) and Swiss Hotel Association (SHA) Degrees are based on the philosophy that a commitment to excellence and the finest education and training are essential for those people seeking the most sought after positions in the highly competitive hospitality industry.

The International College of Hotel Management (ICHM) Adelaide, has produced graduates of the highest calibre that now work at all levels of management within the international hospitality industry. ICHM is proud to have 98% employment rates following students graduation from 2016 - 2018. 

ICHM was the first and remains the only, official Swiss Hotel Association (SHA) school in Australia. The SHA is the world’s oldest and most respected hotel industry body, representing excellence and outstanding quality in hospitality education worldwide.

Today, ICHM is owned by Charles Darwin University (CDU). CDU is one of the top 5 Australian Universities for graduate employment and salary outcomes. CDU is also identified by Times Higher Education as one of the elite global groups of 'rising stars' - a new generation of challenger universities quickly rising in world rankings. 

ICHM's unique undergraduate and postgraduate courses prepares you for a career in a wide variety of hospitality businesses. They also equips you with the necessary business acumen to work in a number of other professions outside the industry. The balance of theory and real industry placements provides graduates with a genuine advantage when competing for future employment.

During the academic semesters ICHM students are broadly informed about all aspects of the international hospitality industry, from a basic operational perspective right through to a senior management level within broader social, cultural and economic contexts.

They are then provided with real industry placements within Australia or overseas that allow them to learn the industry first hand beyond the walls of their structured classes. This real world experience is invaluable in helping them understand the theoretical concepts they have learnt within a working environment; it also allows them to build significant industry networks.

ICHM graduates are working globally as supervisors and specialists right through to senior and general managers. A number also work outside the industry in areas such as marketing, IT, human resources and their own businesses.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider ICHM.