Corporate Governance

ICHM Pty Ltd is a limited by shares Australian private company (ACN 080 984 738) and trades under the business name International College of Hotel Management (ABN 64 080 984 738). The legal instrument which established ICHM is the ICHM Constitution. 

ICHM is governed by a Board of Directors which meet as the College Council. The College Council determines the strategic direction and values of ICHM as set out in the Strategic Plan. The College Council is collectively responsible and accountable for monitoring its performance against the Strategic Plan, to ensure it is solvent and complies with all its legal, financial, ethical and higher education obligations. 

ICHM College Council Members

Ms Bodelle Francis - Hotel Manager - Adelaide Oval Hotel 

Ms Denise von Wald - Board and Management Consultant 

Ms Ana Maria Rivera - Chief Executive Officer - Yoobee Colleges 

Mr Colm Saunders - Chief Financial Officer - UP Education 

Mrs Natalie Simmons - Chief Executive Officer - ICHM  

Academic Governance

ICHM’s College Council has delegated responsibility for Academic Governance of ICHM to the Academic Board. The Academic Board includes independent members from the higher education sector, industry, and Senior Management of ICHM. 

The Academic Board is responsible for the academic oversight and monitoring of all academic activities. The Academic Board’s key responsibilities include the setting, monitoring and maintenance of academic standards and policies to ensure ICHM students have quality learning experiences and outcomes.

It acts independently in satisfying these accountabilities and reports directly to the College Council on the quality of teaching and learning. In fulfilling its academic leadership role, the Academic Board ensures that the Higher Education Standards Framework against which TEQSA registers and assesses the performance of ICHM is followed at all times.

ICHM Academic Board Members

Professor Sue Carthew - President - ICHM Academic Board, Pro Vice Chancellor - Charles Darwin University

Professor Graham Brown - Professor of Tourism Management - School of International Business, University of SA, Adelaide 

Dr Carl Driesener - Senior Lecturer - University of SA, Adelaide

Mr Justin McConnell - Assistant Manager - Regis Aged Care, Brisbane

Mr Eoin Loftus - Chairman - Tourism Industry Council of South Australia, Adelaide

Professor Roberta Crouch - Professor of Business Management - Flinders University, Adelaide

Mrs Natalie Simmons - Chief Executive Officer - ICHM, Adelaide

Dr George Brown - Principal - ICHM, Adelaide

Ms Kellie Lumsden - Program Director Academic - ICHM, Adelaide