Semester 4 - Professional Practice And Research

Core Subject:

MIHM401 - Professional Practice and Research 

Pre-requisite Subjects: 

The Academic Committee may recommend to the Principal that a student not be permitted to undertake Professional Practice  and Research if the student is not making satisfactory progress in subjects related to Professional Practice and Research and/or where a student has failed 50% or more of the subjects attempted in a study period and/or where the student has failed a subject for the second time and/or where the student has not completed a minimum of 200 hours of industry experience.

Purpose of Subject:

This capstone subject will enable the student to integrate theory with the practice of work to develop their knowledge, skills and professional networks through lived experience in a natural workplace setting. This natural workplace setting may include an international hotel, tourism or hospitality setting. The subject will also enable the student to develop an understanding of and apply research methods in the workplace. 

Students must provide evidence of the completion of a minimum of 600 hours of work.

Intended Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this subject the student should be able to

a)      Demonstrate and critically reflect on the application of their knowledge and skills in international hotel management operations in a workplace setting and make connections between theoretical knowledge and practical applications.

b)      Work together with diverse stakeholders to integrate knowledge to achieve shared work outcomes.

c)      Apply cognitive, creative and reflective skills to research, analyse and synthesise information to creatively problem solve drawing on specialist knowledge and recent developments in hotel management.

d)      Describe and evaluate the key characteristics of the various types of research design and their application to answering specific types of hospitality business research questions.

e)      Initiate, plan, implement and evaluate a research project in a particular aspect of the professional practice work environment or from the broader international hospitality industry.