Undergraduate Degree

Academic Subjects And Descriptors

The ICHM course of “One Program, Two Degrees” has been specially designed to give its graduates the competitive edge in the international hospitality environment.

Students can conclude their studies upon completion of their Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) degree; or choose to undertake the more advanced Bachelor of International Hotel Management (Swiss Hotel Association) which provides additional internationally relevant and emerging business management knowledge and skills.

Below is a breakdown of the Program subjects and descriptions; some subjects in later years may require successful completion of subjects in previous academic semesters (pre-requisite subjects).

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(Note: Students are encouraged to apply for credit transfer/advanced standing for study taken at other institutions; as well as time they may have spent working in the hospitality industry. Approved credit may reduce a students overall cost and study workload).

  • BBHM101 - The Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism Industry
  • BBHM102 - Food and Beverage Service Standards
  • BBHM103 - Delivering Guest Services Practicum
  • BBHM104 - Rooms Division Service Standards
  • BBHM105 - Culinary Techniques and Standards
  • BBHM107 - Introduction to Monitoring Financial Performance 
  • BBHM108 - Hospitality Business Software Applications
  • BBHM109 - Employability Skills for Future Hoteliers
  • BBHM112 - Essential Academic Skills for Success
  • BBHM111 - Industry Placement 1  (Subject to course progression) 

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Core Subjects:

  • BBHM106 - Marketing and Sales for Hospitality Businesses
  • BBHM203 - Supervising International Hotel Front Office Operations
  • BBHM205 - Human Resource Management
  • BBHM206 - Property, Safety and Security Management
  • BBHM209 - Measuring Business Finance Performance (Pre-requisite BBHM107)

Elective Subjects**

  • BBHM201 - Supervising Culinary Operations (Pre-requisite BBHM105)
  • BBHM202 - Professional Wine Studies
  • BBHM204 - Creating the Guest Experience
  • BBHM207 - e-Marketing and Distribution
  • BBHM208 - Hospitality Operational Planning and Control (Pre-requisite BBHM108)

**Students to nominate three. Not every elective will offered each semester

Industry Placement 2  (Subject to course progression)

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Core Subjects:

  • BBHM301 - Managing Business Financial Performance  (Pre-requisite BBHM209)
  • BBHM306 - Managing Food and Beverage Operations  (Pre-requisite BBHM102, BBHM205)
  • BBHM302 - Managing Productivity Through People  (Pre-requisite BBHM205)
  • BBHM307 - Managing Rooms Division Operations  Pre-requisite BBHM104, BBHM203, BBHM205)
  • BBHM308 - Sustainable Hospitality Environments

Elective Subjects**

  • BBHM207 - E-marketing & Distribution (Pre-requisite BBHM106)
  • BBHM303 - Customer Relationship Management 
  • BBHM304 - The Changing Economic Environment
  • BBHM305 - Managing Business Information (Pre-requisite BBHM208)
  • BIHM402 - Managing International Guests Expectations
  • BIHM406 - International Wine  (Pre-requisite BBHM202)
  • BBHM208 - Hospitality Operational Planning & Control  (Pre-requisite BBHM108)
  • BIHM410 - Gastronomy: The Art, Culture & Science of Food & Beverages (Pre-requisite BBHM201, BBHM202)
  • BIHM412 - Event Management 

**Students to nominate three. Not every elective will be offered each semester. 

Industry Placement 3 (Subject to course progression)

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Subject List Including Hours & Credits

The following document presents tables that present an overview of the subjects within each year of study, their weighting and course workload. This includes hours of face to face study required per subject as well as external study expectations.

 B.Bus Subject Listing Credit Hours - effective S12019.pdf