On Campus Semesters

On Campus Semesters

The academic structure at ICHM is demanding, each year of study requires students to undertake eight higher education subjects during their on-campus semester; followed by their six month industry placement semester. The on-campus academic semester is essentially one standard university year of study taught within a six month period. While it is an enjoyable learning experience, students should be organised and prepared to invest the required time to achieve high academic achievement. Each section below provides additional information regarding the ICHM curriculum, how lectures and tutorials are presented, methods of assessment and campus administration. 

To ensure your future success, contact hours are high at ICHM. Year 1 students will do some practical restaurant experience with evening and weekend shifts. Most subjects are taught across the academic semester with a small number taught in half semester blocks. This allows ICHM to prepare students for the demands of the industry during the industry placement semesters. Students are encouraged to manage their time efficiently and study habits to allow sufficient time for relaxing, playing sport, catching up with family and friends, hobbies and fun.

ICHM’s curriculum is subject to constant updates and review, to ensure it continues to meet the highest industry expectations. View the content or subject descriptors here. 

Many subjects have exams, but these are rarely the only form of assessment. Assessment methods can include practical tests, group work, essays, personal portfolios, presentations, log books, written assessments and case studies. Each subject has three assessments spread across the on campus semesters. With student workloads a major consideration in assessment timing.

Group sizes vary over the four years, with operational, service and computer based subjects taught in small groups (e.g. 15-20 students). A lecture and tutorial teaching model is used for the delivery of most subjects.

In sessions students should participate fully by contributing to discussions and debate to assist them in forming their own opinions. Students who do not understand a particular topic or are having trouble keeping up with the workload, are expected to approach the teaching staff, year coordinators, study support staff or Student Welfare Manager for assistance.

From uniforms and timetables to organising graduation ceremonies, ICHM’s administration staff are on hand to assist with all general student enquiries. Acting Principal Dr. George Brown and Acting Director Academic Kellie Lumsden lead the administration team and teaching staff in the delivery of the ICHM programs.