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27.10.17 | OnCourse

Delivering on promise

Mark Keith is Managing Director of Regent Hotels Group based in Taiwan. 

He addressed a rapt audience of students and staff sharing his views on an industry facing the dilemma of disruption.

‘Broadly speaking hoteliers are masters of the status quo; we don’t like change, and remarkably some hotels have remained the same for 100 years.

‘However, most today understand the importance of delivering on their brand promise.’

Mark said he is proud to have been a friend of ICHM for the past 22 years and he congratulated students for choosing the school for their education, commenting on its first-class brand.

He went on to redefine the ‘unreasonable’.

‘Leadership is about making things happen, and your brand must extend to the ‘unreasonable’.

‘By delivering the ‘unreasonable’ and showing you can be relied upon you in turn show how extraordinary you are.’

‘It means stating what will be accomplished and by when. You have no idea how you will do it, but you promise you’ll do it and you do what it takes to make it happen.’ 

Mark Keith says to be successful a hotel company needs constant ‘unreasonable’ behavior and brand promise delivery, and he uses TripAdvisor to evaluate success or failure.

London-born Mark has travelled the world, moving to Hong Kong with the Mandarin and then the Peninsula Group, as head of Human Resources. Before joining the Regent Hotels Group in Taiwan, Mark was Managing Director of HVS (Hotel Valuation Services) in Hong Kong.

In an email to the Industry Training and Development team, a student said:

‘As usual you have asked the best of guest speakers and this session was really enjoyable. Thank you so much for this wonderful and knowledgeable opportunity.’

Mark Keith also spoke to classes and students individually about their placements and career ambitions.