20.10.17 | OnCourse

#defeatthecheat campaign

ICHM is signed up to a global declaration that it doesn’t accept contract cheating and is committed to minimising its impact.

On 18 October 2017—Global Ethics Day—students and staff participated in the 2nd International Day against Contract Cheating, helping raise awareness about the global problem.

On the day students and staff posted whiteboard declarations about why they believe contract cheating is wrong and why they don’t support it. Other students went on to make short videos about the issue and its impact.  

Dr George Brown, ICHM’s Academic Director who led the initiatives, says contract cheating is an increasing problem around the world, and ICHM is committed to addressing it.

‘Contract cheating not only undermines a degree’s integrity, but also the educational system as a whole.

‘We should all be concerned about this problem and the support of staff and students in raising awareness is greatly appreciated’, he says.

Contract cheating is defined as occurring when one person completes academic work (such as, an exam, paper, test or quiz) for another who then submits it for academic credit.

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