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09.06.17 | OnCourse, ICHM News

International FoodFest

ICHM’s resident chef Gary Ng cast a watchful eye over dicing and slicing when students got to it in the kitchen at Regency International House late afternoon on 4 June.

Ably led by Adam Lau (President) and Jared Mifsud (Vice-President), the Students' Representative Council (SRC) was responsible for organising the event, including encouraging students –and staff – to participate, and preparing and serving the food.

Some surprising – and delicious – dishes included Vietnamese beef noodle soup, Nepalese momo (chicken dumplings) and South American spicy beef empinadas. Deserts ranged from French chocolate mousse, Middle Eastern baklava and Greek kourabiethes (biscuits).

Guests arrived at 5 pm and numbers reached around 100, raising the pressure to get dishes on the table, which was served buffet style with SRC members and others on duty at the tables.

Overall, the cuisines of 16 countries were represented, with $390 raised on the night coming from bingo and a raffle.

Each semester the SRC designates a charity to support and conducts numerous fundraising events, the International FoodFest among them. The $1694 raised for the Little Heroes Foundation supports its endeavours to help seriously ill children.

Photos: Nicolas Miller (landing page); Mavis Chen, Viven Fu, Jenny Chen and Tiffany Cheng (this page)

SRC: Semester 2, 2017

Year 1

Danson Danium

Kate Ashby

Katherine Nye

Richard Vereker

Travis Joblin


Year 2

Emma Krieger

Gabriella Hinz

Marco Taiana

Tyler Green


Year 3

James Chew

Jodie Du Plooy

Mingyi Timothy Foo

Yen-Nhi Nguyen


Year 4

Adam Lau

Jared Mifsud

Lisa Cruz

Teams in the kitchen included: Anish Maharjan, Orvile Shrestha and Wilbur Sherstha; Nicolas Miller and Tricia Dinglasan; Grace Lee and Marieclaire Ranasinghe; Mavis Chen, Viven Fu, Jenny Chen and Tiffany Cheng; Aaron Chu, Dan Vu, Luke Tokputza and Dante Tran; and Jill Huang, Jessica Leung and Fiona Nang.