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10.05.17 | OnCourse

Maturity Speaks

Adam heads up both Cradle Mountain Hotel and Strahan Village—two of Tasmania’s most picturesque destinations—for the Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania (RACT).

On campus and speaking to students on 9 April, he said: ‘Because you’ve got ICHM training you will get promoted quicker than others; you learn leadership here’.

A mature-age student at 26 (2002–2004), Adam started out at 16 washing dishes at Wrest Point Hotel Casino, before taking up an apprenticeship and working his way up the ranks, largely in bars. He says it’s been a long hard road getting to where he is now.

He joined ICHM because he wanted promotion, and the combination of study and industry placement appealed.

‘ICHM took me out of my comfort zone and set me up for who I am now because it gave me the chance to re-set my mind and learn other ways of thinking and doing things.

‘I got to understand different cultures and there’s not a day goes by when I don’t use something I learnt at ICHM. I still call on ICHM lecturers as a resource from time to time.’

Adam’s industry placement at ICHM was at Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas.

He advised students to consider placements and work in remote areas and in small properties, outside traditional five-star brands as they offer many and varied experiences. Two ICHM students are currently on placement at the properties he manages.

Tourism is Tasmania’s second biggest industry and seven hotels are being built in the capital Hobart over the next year.

Adam Brooks (left) with lecturer Kevin McMahon