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28.03.17 | ICHM News

Island Dream

In 2015 Christophe Desmarais, Resort Manager at Preskil Beach Resort, Mauritius, created a web platform to promote the pristine paradise of Saint Brandon.
He had fallen in love with the place, also known as Cargados Carajos shoals, some 20 years ago.Today, Christophe is owner and operator of an adventure tourism business for Saint Brandon, Catamaran Cruises Ltd.
Christophe describes Saint Brandon as a true expedition experience, with the only way of getting there by boat.‘The greatest appeal is a complete immersion in nature, around 500 kilometres away from everything’, says Christopher. ‘There is virtually no other place like Saint Brandon, which boasts crystal-clear lagoons, white sandy beaches and a wide array of bird and fish species, including lobsters, rare sea turtles and tuna'.
Christophe and his partners look to preserve Saint Brandon as a natural sanctuary and turn it into a protected area. Last year they created the Foundation Saint Brandon in partnership with the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation.