16.06.16 | OnCourse, ICHM News

To everyone’s tastes

With a menu ranging from Chinese dumplings (a grandmother’s recipe) through to Chinese/French fusion (a student creation), there was something for everyone at this semester’s International FoodFest.

Twelve countries were represented: Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, America, China, France, Taiwan, Mexico, Austria, Thailand and the Philippines. There were also some interesting fusions, such as Chinese/French and American/Cantonese.

The event is now a tradition for students, families and friends who gathered at Regency International House on Sunday evening 5 June to try some taste sensations.

SRC President (first semester) David Utschink, who conducted an online quiz session on the night, says he loves the event.

‘It involves quite a lot of work for the SRC, but it has added significance in that it is the last activity we run as a team for the year.

‘It is our way of demonstrating our progress, as the students themselves volunteer to cook and creatively present their cuisines for everyone to enjoy.

‘There is a great deal of pride associated with that’, he says.

Since start-up in 1993 ICHM has enrolled students from more than 85 countries. This year it signed up its first student from Gabon, a sovereign state on the west coast of Africa.