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04.02.21 | ICHM News

ICHM Lecturers Publish!

Digital Technology Publication -  A book for hospitality managers on digital disruption and transformation has been a recent focus for ICHM lecturers Aaron Oh and Moon Kang.

Hospitality Management and Digital Transformation is a timely publication for hospitality managers, as digital technology advancements ramp up guest expectations and introduce non-traditional competitors that are set to disrupt the whole industry.

The publication has been co-authored by ICHM lecturers Aaron Oh and Moon Kang, past ICHM lecturer Dr Richard Busulwa (now at the Business School at Swinburne University of Technology) and Nina Evans (Associate Professor of STEM at the University of South Australia).

The four came together to produce the publication at what is no doubt a turning point for hospitality and leisure managers, and ICHM’s Program Director Academic Kellie Lumsden says that they are to be congratulated on such a fantastic achievement.

‘I especially congratulate ICHM’s lecturers Aaron and Moon for their hard work and dedication to this project.

‘The hospitality managers whose organisations are to thrive need to effectively leverage digital technologies to simultaneously deliver breakthroughs in efficiency, agility, and guest experience.

‘Well done for this much-needed guidebook for our industry, and I look forward to purchasing a signed copy!

‘I am excited about the potential for Hospitality Management and Digital Transformation to be the title of our next new subject’, she says.

The guidebook has been produced for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students studying strategic management, IT, information systems, or digital business-related courses as part of degrees in hospitality and leisure management; as well as practitioners studying for professional qualifications.

The publication:

  • Explains digital technology advancements, how they cause disruption, and the implications of this disruption for hospitality and leisure organizations.
  • Explains the digital business and digital transformation imperative for hospitality and leisure organizations.
  • Discusses the different digital capabilities required to effectively compete as a digital business.
  • Discusses the new and/or enhanced roles hospitality and leisure managers need to play in effecting the different digital capabilities, as well as the competencies required to play these roles.
  • Discusses how hospitality and leisure managers can keep up with digital technology advancements.
  • Unpacks more than 36 key digital technology advancements, discussing what they are, how they work, and how they can be implemented across the hospitality and leisure industry.

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