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24.09.20 | On Course E-newsletter, ICHM Graduate Story

Minka’s Kimchi Club

Graduate Minka Park’s business model for her plant-based Korean food company Kimchi Club goes from strength to strength - 100 retail shops now stock the products, which can also now be ordered online and delivered.

Graduate Minka Park has just entered Kimchi Club into the Emerging Business and New Product Award categories of the South Australian Premier’s Food and Beverage Awards.

She is Kimchi Club’s founder and Managing Director, and says that such a win will help grow the profile of the South Australian-based company nationally.

‘We turned three last month and the company is evolving into an amazing social enterprise, working with Korean-Australian women to grow our product lines.

‘Our expansion into Victoria is an exciting development, but we still have some way to go to position Kimchi Club products as the most loved food in homes right across Australia.

‘Our products are not only versatile and delicious, but also help maintain a healthy gut, which is so important to a healthy life.

‘They are probiotic rich, vegan, gluten free and keto friendly, made with all natural ingredients, no added sugar and no artificial flavours’, she says.

Minka joined ICHM from Korea in 2001, graduating in 2004. Her Work Integrated Learning placements were at the Landmark Parkroyal in Potts Point, Sydney and Hilton International Adelaide.  

She says she came to ICHM and Australia to make a new life for herself and to follow a passion for hospitality management, which later evolved into a passion for food culture and business.  

‘ICHM provided me with such a broad range of theoretical and practical skills that have helped me forge a career in business management and to become a successful food entrepreneur.’

Before joining ICHM Minka had worked at a number of properties and in various positions in Seoul, Korea and in Tokyo, Japan.

After graduating in 2004, she worked in Finance Administration at Hilton International Adelaide for a year, and then for digital marketing services company Freerange Future for 10 years.

Starting a family and the new perspectives gained from parenthood inspired her to found Kimchi Club where she has responsibility for:

  • Managing operations, including strategy, finance, sales and marketing
  • Overseeing production and quality control
  • Supporting and inspiring Korean migrant women
  • Conducting events, demonstrations and presentations and attending markets
  • Running workshops related to Korean food and culture.

Minka says that the growing success of Kimchi Club means they get to hire more local women to make more kimchi and to support more local organic farmers.

‘And as we establish our supply chain nationally we’ll be able to provide easier access to our products for more consumers, which means more Australians with healthier guts.’

Minka is calling on anyone with a traditional and/or fusion Korean recipe to email it to Kimchi Club and a selection of the most delicious will be made into cooking videos for Instagram and uploaded on to the company’s website.

Email: hello@kimchiclub.com.au