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17.08.20 | ICHM News

Kay Kim: Working towards the next level of hospitality...

Country: South Korea

Degree: Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management)

Kay from South Korea says she signed up to ICHM where she is undertaking the Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) to take herself to the next level in hospitality; an industry she says that brings a range of substantial benefits. Exotic locations being just one.

 "Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placements while at ICHM gave me the opportunity to apply my hospitality knowledge in real operational environments, to earn money, and to build self-confidence, in preparation for a successful career."  ~ Kay Kim 

Read our interview to find out more.

How did your study in Hotel Management come about?

A friend of mine who was working at Ayers Rock Resort suggested I join her, which is how I entered the hotel industry. I found working in a culturally diverse team and improving guest satisfaction a rewarding and enjoyable job. To take myself to the next level I decided to study Hotel Management, which offer a wide range of career opportunities.

Why did you choose to study at ICHM?

While at the resort I got to work with some ICHM students on WIL placements, and was impressed by their passion for customer service and outstanding work performance. This convinced me that ICHM provide career-focused quality education as one of Australia’s leading hotel schools.

How have you benefited by studying at ICHM?

Apart from management theory and practice, I was encouraged to develop a range of essential life skills, such as time management, assertiveness, emotional intelligence, self-control and resilience.

Do you think ICHM’s paid industry experience (WIL placements) are an added advantage?

Kay's industry experiences include: 

My three different industry placement opportunities allowed me to understand the hospitality industry and clarify my career goals. On placement, I worked with my co-workers and we also had great fun together and created unforgettable memories.

What do you enjoy about studying and living in Adelaide, Australia?

To be a successful international hotelier, fluency in English is essential wherever you go in the world. Adelaide is a great place for international students who are keen to improve their English language skills and want to embrace cultural differences. Australia is not only English speaking, but also has been identified as the world’s most successful multicultural societies. I feel very welcome in Adelaide and Australia. 

What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying at ICHM?  

This industry is full of exciting adventures and opportunities, with destinations like tropical islands which provide different activities and travel experiences, such as snorkelling or sea kayaking. However, the job is also physically and mentally demanding and I strongly recommend trying at least one hospitality job before considering ICHM only if just to make sure the passion is there.