09.07.20 | ICHM Graduate Story

Drone Deliveries Soar

ICHM graduate David Utschink is Customer Experience Manager at Wing, Alphabet’s drone delivery service, which has achieved an astonishing 500% increase globally during COVID-19, including thousands of deliveries in Australia.

Wing, a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is a world-first drone delivery service in Canberra delivering items such as coffee, sushi and even toilet paper direct to consumer’s homes.

Graduate David Utschink started with Wing as a Technical Solutions Specialist in March 2019, after being recruited from Doma Hotels when he was Duty Manager.

Now Customer Experience Manager with Wing he is responsible for managing the support team, developing and building the company’s global customer support procedures and enhancing the overall end-to-end customer experience.

‘This involves cross-functional collaboration with a range of teams, including marketing, communications, business operations, flight operations and community engagement.’

David says there have certainly been unique opportunities working for a company that is the first of its kind in a new industry.

‘It means I have been able to push the boundaries of typical customer service and embed an exceptional standard of care and service into the core of our team.

‘The biggest opportunity moving from the hotel industry is the shift from a structured hierarchy where there is an existing way of doing things and a path to follow to working for a company where overall business goals are set, but where we have a blank canvas to work from and we’re empowered to be creative and proactive in achieving the company’s goals.

David, in turn, successfully encouraged Nick Miller, another ICHM graduate, to join Wing when he was working as Assistant Restaurant Manager for Bread & Bone Wood-Grill in Adelaide.

‘Anyone who knows Nick will know of his passion for customer service, and his ability to confidently talk to a room full of people about any topic is impressive!

‘He is now working as a Technical Solutions Specialist for the Wing Canberra team and it’s part of my role to equip him with the skills to assist in progressing his career.’

David says that COVID-19 together with Wing’s contactless on-demand delivery service led to the massive increase in customers signing up for the service.

‘Most of my team has transitioned to working from home during this time, while also successfully juggling the increase in customer demand for our service. 

‘While we had planned to streamline customer support across our delivery locations in Australia, COVID-19 has accelerated this shift. We’ve been able to successfully streamline communication between the teams, ensuring we provide our customers with the support they need, while maintaining our high standards of service.’

David says that ICHM provided him with a range of opportunities throughout his studies, which improved both his communication and business management skills.

‘I distinctly remember Principal Dr Whyte emphasising the importance of networking during each General Assembly.

‘I didn’t realise the importance of this Network, network, network! mantra until my second-year placement on the G20 Taskforce. The professional connections I made opened up the opportunity for me to work in my first full-time Front Office role at DOMA Hotels and then, of course, Wing.

‘For me, building professional relationships across a company and a strong work ethic are the most important factors for career development and success. I was fortunate to have established many positive interpersonal relationships within my hotel career that lead me to a career change.

‘Challenging myself is something that I am always striving to achieve, and Wing is the perfect new and exciting challenge for me. ‘

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