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05.05.20 | ICHM Graduate Story

Dux Honour

Suet Ri Chew says being awarded ICHM Dux of 4th Year (July–December 2018) was truly the achievement of a lifetime. Dux honour is a modern title given to the highest-ranking student in academic achievement in each graduating year.

ICHM congratulates Suet Ri Chew for taking out the Dux of 4th Year (July–December 2018) award in a field of strong candidates.

Suet Ri, who is now back in Malaysia, says she would like to express her gratitude to ICHM’s lecturers who were supportive and always willing to help her. 

She says the YTL - ICHM program is impressive, with the opportunity to study in Kuala Lumpur for 2.5 years and then complete her degree in Australia. This is unique!

‘The program itself, with alternate 6 months semesters of studying in Adelaide and work placements anywhere in Australia and the way it was taught has stepped up my knowledge and even my language. ICHM has been a big influence and I am very pleased to have studied there’, she says.

‘In addition to the program itself, ICHM improved my social skills, and helped me appreciate different cultures through meeting and studying with others from diverse backgrounds.

‘And armed with the skills and knowledge learnt throughout the program, I am well equipped to step out into the world and advance my career’, she says. 

Suet Ri’s work placements while at ICHM were at Strahan Village RACTA in Tasmania (Jan -July 2018) and Sheraton Mirage Grand Resort and Spa on the Gold Coast (December 2018 - Jan 2020). 

Suet Ri says that Strahan Village was a perfect experience for her first placement, as it meant living and working in a small but beautiful town in Tasmania where she had the opportunity to observe people from different cultures and places.

‘However, the most satisfying outcome of this placement were the friends and colleagues who helped build my confidence and become a much more outspoken person’, she says.  

The Sheraton, Gold Coast where she was a Guest Service Agent, was a much more challenging assignment, as she was exposed to different tasks within the property.

She says the Sheraton is where she really came to understand the value of teamwork and implement the knowledge gained at ICHM in areas such as Finance, Productivity, Sustainability and Rooms Division. 

Suet Ri started out in Malaysia studying science and intended pursuing a career in fields like medicine or nutrition. She was first introduced to hotel management by participating in a team-building camp at a local college. Then, her research led her to YTL International College of Hotel Management and hence ICHM in Adelaide, for a degree.

While at YTL International College of Hotel Management in Malaysia, her work placements were with JW Marriott, Kuala Lumpur and AC Hotel Kuantan (previously Vistana Kuantan) both YTL owned properties.

In the near future Suet Ri is looking for an opportunity to become involved in a different area in hospitality, potentially in Australia. 

‘I have been looking into the business of Bed and Breakfast and I am very keen on delivering customer service while meeting different people from around the world’, she says.

Suet Ri Chew graduated with a double degree - Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) and Bachelor of International Hotel Management (Swiss Hotel Association).


Suet Ri’s student experiences at ICHM Adelaide, Strahan Village, Tasmania and Gold Coast, Australia.