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03.02.20 | ICHM News

2020 ICHM Scholarship Winners

ICHM has awarded four scholarships to Australian students worth A$22,500 each.

This year 13 students from Australia and overseas were in the running for four scholarships to ICHM worth A$22,500 each ($7500 for each semester over three years). 
Winners are from South Australia (three) and Queensland (one).

In the main, applicants were attracted to apply for a scholarship because of ICHM’s balance of on-campus learning and industry placements, crucial to putting theoretical knowledge into practice in the real world of hospitality.

Other factors included ICHM’s international environment in evidence on campus and in industry, and its affiliation with the famed Swiss Hotel Association. 

Elliott Brown, from Westminster School, will be on campus from January. He has considerable experience under his belt, having worked part time at his family’s vineyard Gemtree Estate Wines in McLaren Vale since a young teenager and at the iconic Star Of Greece Restaurant for the past five years. 

Elliot says he looks forward to being part of ICHM’s ‘intensive fast-tracked university program, backed up by work experience in outstanding venues both in Australia and overseas’. 

It is the second consecutive year that a Westminster student has been awarded a scholarship - last year it was Fraser Bock, who is currently on a six-month internship on Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays.  

It is also the second consecutive year that a student from the Glennie School in Toowoomba has been awarded a scholarship, which went to Emma McKelvie. Last year it was Naomi Ryan, who is completing a six-month internship at The Riley Cairns, North Queensland.

In winning the scholarship Isabella Palmer, from Cornerstone College, will be following in the footsteps of her brother Alex, who will return to campus in January to complete his final year after his second industry placement in Melbourne.

‘As well as the hands-on approach throughout the course, the opportunity to use the skills learnt in first semester during the six months of industry placement each year appeals to my style of learning and lifestyle’, Isabella says.

Samantha Bunting, another winner, joins a growing band of students from St John’s Grammar who have picked up scholarships to ICHM, most recently Meg Anderson and Millie Hopton, and before them Emily Cook and Stacey McMurtrie.

Samantha was on campus at Regency Park for Career Week in September, which gave her a taste of what ICHM has to offer. 

‘One of my career goals is to find work that will allow me to travel, learn about other cultures and create relationships with people around the world’, she says. 

ICHM also awarded two full scholarships to Indigenous students: Ghinna Ambrum (in conjunction with Accor) and Maddison Ingram (in conjunction with Power Community Ltd). 

ICHM’s paid industry placement program could take students anywhere in Australia in first year and anywhere in the world from second year.

ICHM is the only school in Australia affiliated with the Swiss Hotel Association. In 2019, it was named the best hotel and hospitality school in Australia for the quality of its student experience, according to the leading national Student Experience Survey. 

Many ICHM graduates are now in five-star hotels throughout Australia and overseas, a growing number as general managers. Others have started their own entrepreneurial businesses and flourishing in fields such as marketing, project management, human resources and information technology.
Since it was established in 1993 ICHM has awarded scholarships worth in excess of $3 million.