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07.01.20 | ICHM Graduate Story

Janice Tops her Course

Dux of 3rd Year (July–December 2018) Janice Jie-Yu Ni was studying in Taiwan when she decided to apply for ICHM.

Janice Jie-Yu Ni was a student at the Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages in Taiwan, and ICHM was listed under the university’s student exchange program. 

However, rather than apply through her university she did her own research before quitting school and applying for ICHM  ‘off her own bat’.

She is currently working as a guest service agent/porter at the Crowne Plaza Melbourne. 

‘I got the job through my old workplace (Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise) six months ago towards the end of my placement there. An internal transfer/interview was organised with the assistance of the Human Resources officer.

‘Hospitality management became my first choice over all other areas as the travel industry, including airlines and hotels, is growing rapidly and I saw it as a great opportunity for my career. 

‘Now that I have graduated and developed my own career, I realise that the skills and knowledge gained at ICHM are versatile and can be implemented in many other fields.

‘As an international student, it was a challenge moving to and living in Australia alone and it definitely made me a stronger person. ICHM, of course, pushed me further and forced me to step out of my comfort zone. And all the group assignments and activities required communication and research skills, which trained me to work under greater pressure and be better at time management. 

In terms of how ICHM has helped her grow professionally, Janice says the industry placements played the most important role. 

‘The knowledge and theory could always be delivered through courses; however, we would never have had the experience and put what we learnt into real practice without the opportunities ICHM provided. 

‘We were given the chance that not everyone has to develop ourselves in various departments within hotels.

‘ICHM’s program of six-month’s study and six-month’s placement is useful for sure. However, the workload is way above other universities, especially in final year. Nevertheless, I truly appreciate the fact that ICHM always tries hard to make the courses more interesting and enjoyable as well as arranging outdoor activities throughout the course to engage each and every individual’, she says

Janice says she would recommend ICHM if it continues to deliver the same level of quality

As for now, the Masters degree is not part of her career planning, saying: ‘I am happy with what I have learned so far from the course and industry placements’, she says. 

Dux is the highest award ICHM bestows on a student and represents the overall award for academic excellence, with Janice achieving the highest point average across all subjects.

Photo: Janice being awarded the Swiss Channe by the Hon David Pisoni MP, when she was also presented with $1000 donated by the Australian Hotels Association.