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26.11.19 | On Course E-newsletter, ICHM Events

Medal Recipients

It was pointed out at End of Course that there were only six-to-seven exams standing in the way of third years and the hospitality industry.

In his opening remarks Principal Dr George Brown said that the End of Course Ceremony, with its medal-award presentations, was a symbolic occasion, being the last opportunity for students to get together before exams and before scattering to the four corners of the globe.

Chief Executive Gerald Lipman, in his welcome address and his last as Chief Executive, spoke of the origins of ICHM. 

‘When founded 28 years ago my father Dr Rex Lipman, inaugural Principal Dr Ian Whyte, and others, had a vision to create a Swiss Hotel Association (SHA) hotel school in the Asia-Pacific region. 

‘Indeed, the school was initially branded as the Asia-Pacific Basin campus of the SHA.

‘Of course, the founders had a clear idea that ICHM would succeed and that the region would prosper, but I don’t think they fully comprehended just how successful it would become. 

‘Just today, for example, our medal recipients are from Vietnam, Nepal, Taiwan and Malaysia to name a few Asian countries.

‘And who could have predicted that Australia would attract 1.4 million Chinese tourists each year.

‘Or that ICHM would have 3000 graduates and 40 general managers across the world’, said Gerald Lipman.

He went on to tell students the two things they must remember: ‘Be an absolute expert in what you do and wherever you go, and remember to network, network, network!’ 

Medals presented at the ceremony were: the Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management), Bachelor of International Hotel Management (Swiss Hotel Association) and Master of International Hotel Management (Swiss Hotel Association).

Additionally there were 20 recipients of the Study Abroad Program - potentially the highest number of any semester to date - who will take their ICHM experience and qualification back to their home countries. 

De Bogert and Marco Taiana gave the farewell address on behalf of students, saying to all graduating students: ‘Things are about to get real, and while this may be the end of your university chapter, the road that lies ahead is not always going to be easy.

‘But remember the friendships and memories you have made during your time here will remain with you, and wherever your career takes you the sense of belonging and togetherness will always follow.’

The formalities over, guests gathered in the common room for refreshments and to network, network, network! 

Photo: Marco Taiana, recipient of the Master Degree, and  CEO Mr Gerald Lipman .

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