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15.11.19 | ICHM Events

Fine Fair

The Students Representative Council (SRC) runs the International Food Fair each semester in Lipman Hall at Regency International House.

This semesters, on Sunday evening 10 November, was jam-packed with students, family and friends who sat down to enjoy food prepared by student teams from 12 countries: Chile, Brazil, Italy, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Nepal, India, Tibet, Taiwan and Vietnam.

The food is free with funds coming from a raffle, wine sales and an online quiz via a phone app. This semester, the $1000 (and possibly the highest amount ever) raised went to two charities: Headspace (supporting youth mental health) and Backpacks 4 SA Kids (helping children at times of dislocation).

Joint SRC Presidents Denbeigh Bogert and Marco Taiana (pictured) were on the job from 10 am and every member of the SRC was allocated a task to ensure the event ran smoothly. The cooking teams also started early for a 6 pm start.

From Switzerland, Marco Taiana says the whole idea of the fair is to unite the student body by building understanding of different cultures through the enjoyment of food, not only in the preparation, but also in serving up and explaining the ingredients. 

‘Each stand represents pride in where the team comes from and what they represent.

‘I’ve been involved each year and I like to see something different each semester to bring insight into the diverse cultures at ICHM.

‘And it’s great to see students enjoying themselves’, he says.

Natalie Simmons was among the guests, along with her husband and daughter. She sat down to a meal that included food from India, Italy, Chile, Malaysia and Nepal.

‘Delicious’, she said.

Natalie, who successfully bid for a poster about ICHM, takes over as Chief Executive in mid-January when Gerald Lipman steps aside after 22 years in the role.