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18.11.19 | ICHM News

SwissCham at ICHM

The event kicked off with a presentation by Principal Dr George Brown, who welcomed up to 18 guests from the hospitality, tourism, travel, aircraft engineering and legal sectors, each with an interest in Switzerland.

The guest list included Patrick Wille, honorary Swiss Consul in South Australia and Carmen Trochsler, Support Member, Swiss Chamber of Commerce. (SwissCham)

Also attending were ICHM students Denbeigh Bogert and Marco Taiana, who came to study at ICHM from Switzerland. 

The Business Lunch at ICHM on 3 November was the third in a series of SwissCham mentoring events conducted throughout 2019.

SwissCham is a not-for-profit organisation headquartered in Sydney. Established in 1985, its purpose is to enable businesses to connect with and excel in Australia and Switzerland.

There are more than 300 Swiss companies/brands represented in Australia and combined they employ in excess of 80,000 staff directly.

Naturally, and reflecting its 30-year partnership with the Swiss Hotel Association (SHA), ICHM is a member.  It has a commitment to Swissness as one of its Graduate Qualities (Graduate Quality 8), ‘a concept that includes punctuality, the role of formality, rigorousness, professionalism, excellence, precision, respect for guests, linguistic ability and a global mindset’.

In his presentation Dr Brown highlighted the strong bond between ICHM and SHA, in particular, ICHM’s status as the only SHA school in Australia.

When asked why he chose ICHM in Australia as opposed to pursuing his further studies in Switzerland, Marco Taiana said it had been a long-held dream to study in English, and when he discovered ICHM ‘all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place’. His industry placements (work-integrated learning) have been at Southern Ocean Lodge and Longitude 131, both Baillie Lodges.

A previous SwissCham networking event was held at Pilatus Australia Pty Ltd (at Adelaide Airport), the only Swiss company to develop, produce and sell aircraft worldwide.

Photo (from left) CarmenTrochsler, Support Member, Swiss Chamber of Commerce; Dr George Brown, Principal ICHM; Patrick Wille, Honorary Consul in South Australia