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22.10.19 | ICHM News

Third worldwide

Congratulations to Wen Hao Liang who took out third prize in the 4th International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating Student Poster Contest.

ICHM congratulates Wen Hao Liang who took out third prize in the 4th annual 2019 Global International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating Student Poster Contest. 

‘Integrity Starts With You’ was the theme of the poster, and Wen Hao’s message within the theme was: ‘Know the Difference: Fulfilment Can Never Be Cheated’

Wen Hao says he got his inspiration for the poster from social issue advertisements, many of which use dark and dramatic imagery to bring these issues to light.

‘The message behind the poster is that even if you managed to not get caught for contract cheating, are you actually the winner? Or do you lose out on an opportunity to truly learn? 

‘When we talk about fulfilment, it is not about completing a course requirement. It is that deep sense of achievement within yourself from your own piece of work, even if it is not perfect’, he says.

Wen Hao has been awarded a gift voucher worth $50 (USD), with which he intends to buy a new floral tie or some fancy cocktails.  

He says he appreciates that the judges recognised the visual impact of the poster and the message behind it.

’I hope it can spark discussions and trigger an emotional reaction among students. I am proud to represent ICHM on this global platform to share my idea and message’, says Wen Hao.

The International Center of Academic Integrity (ICAI), as part of its sponsorship of the 4th International Day of Action against Contract Cheating, sponsored the contest. The purpose of the contest was to generate a series of posters that may be used to promote the event, either this year or in future years. 

ICHM has participated in the International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating for the past two years, after signing up to the global declaration that it does not accept contract cheating and is committed to minimising its impact.

This year more than 100 institutions globally participated in the Day of Action. Held on 16 October, activities at ICHM included email blasts, whiteboard pledges, posters, and Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts.

ICHM’s Principal Dr George Brown said he was delighted with the news of Wen Hao’s award, and of the support of students and staff provided for the Day of Action.

‘ICHM is firmly committed to a zero-tolerance position on contract cheating. Wen Hao’s poster aptly sums up our collective stance and how disappointment is the only outcome for this type of behavior.    

ICAI was founded to combat cheating, plagiarism, and academic dishonesty in higher education. Its mission has since expanded to include the cultivation of cultures of integrity in academic communities throughout the world. ICAI offers assessment services, resources, and consultations to its member institutions, and facilitates conversations on academic integrity topics each year at its annual conference.

For more information visit http://www.academicintegrity.org