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17.07.19 | ICHM News

SHA Branding Refresh

The Swiss Hotel Association (SHA) has taken on a new look with a refresh of its brand image and a completely new digital platform. 

Hotelleriesuisse - the Swiss Hotel Association - is the world’s oldest industry body, and ICHM’s partner organisation. 

ICHM’s agreement with the SHA started as far back as September 1992, with the signing of an agreement that made ICHM the Asia-Pacific campus of the famed association. 

But the SHA goes back much further; it first began connecting the accommodation industry with its members, partners and customers in 1882.

In a recent move, the SHA has revamped its brand image and digital platform so that its corporate image and digital capability more closely align with a modern association that strives to serve as a companion for its members.

As the non-profit umbrella association for the hospitality industry, SHA represents the interests of its members and plays a major role in the development and organisation of education in the hospitality sector.

ICHM’s Chief Executive Gerald Lipman says that the association of ‘Swissness’ with hospitality education was born as far back as 1893 when the SHA started their hotel school, Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne.

 ‘At ICHM we have gone on to set out the eight qualities we expect from our graduates, and one of them is “a commitment to Swissness”, a concept that includes punctuality, the role of formality, rigorousness, professionalism, excellence, precision, respect for guests, linguistic ability and a global mindset.

‘These are attributes that industry tells us serve our graduates well.

‘We are delighted with the revamped image adopted by our highly valued SHA partner, through which it will ably continue to contribute to quality hotel management education globally and a strong accommodation industry’ he says.

The reduced, abstract and digitally optimized SHA logo has been designed to create recognition on all channels and at all levels. 

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