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27.05.19 | ICHM News

Joint Venture

A Memorandum of Cooperation between ICHM and two universities in Taiwan and Mainland China herald a new era of cooperation.  

ICHM Chief Executive Gerald Lipman, Yu Da University of Science and Technology President Jung-Peng Huang and Fujian Business University President Bin Huang signed the Memorandum of Cooperation on 16th May, 2019.

ICHM has had cooperative arrangements in place with Yu Da University for more than five years, with Yu Da students coming to Australia and ICHM for the Study Abroad Program. In turn, Yu Da has had a long-standing relationship with Fujian University. 

Under the Memorandum of Cooperation, the three institutions will explore the possibility of shared curriculum planning and credit transfer.

‘We are currently considering two program modes: two plus two and the other three plus one. Under the first, students will study in China for two years, then in Taiwan for six months and finally Australia for two years.

‘While experiencing three different education systems, students can also meet the requirement for applying for a post study work visa in Australia and stay in Australia to work’, says Gerald Lipman.

ICHM has recently been named the best hotel and hospitality school in Australia for the quality of its student experience, according to the leading national Student Experience Survey (QILT, SES, 2018).

The survey shows students believe ICHM has the highest teaching standards of all of Australia’s hotel schools, coupled with outstanding facilities.

Gerald Lipman expressed his wish for ICHM students to also learn from Ya Da and Fujian, especially in tourism management education.

‘In Australia, our tourism and hospitality is of a very high standard. However, there are so many more tourists coming to Australia, especially from China. Through our association with these two universities we want to learn how to look after our Chinese tourists'.

Yu Da University of Science and Technology President Jung-Peng Huang said that the cooperation between the three universities is an active attempt to foster international talents.

‘Diversified cultivation and international vision are very important for students. I hope that through this cooperation, students from the Mainland will have a good experience in Taiwan while studying professional courses. After that, if the students have the opportunity to go to Australia, experiencing the Australian education system will be very helpful to them to enter the hotel industry in the future.’ 

President Jung-Peng Huang also stated that students could also learn English while in Taiwan, so as to meet ICHM’s English language requirements (IELTS 6.0) for undergraduate students as soon as possible.

The agreement was signed at ICHM in the presence of staff and media attending the ceremony. 

L Dr Jung-Peng Huang, Mr Gerald Lipman and Mr Bin Huang

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