ICHM CEO Gerald Lipman
01.03.19 | On Course E-newsletter, ICHM News

From the Chief Executive

Wow! It is great when the Australian Government and the South Australian Government come up with a strategy that is good for ICHM students and graduates. 

In February the Premier of South Australia lobbied the Commonwealth to assist boosting the population of South Australia, specifically by permitting graduates who have studied in South Australia and worked in South Australia to have a longer Post Study Work Visa.

In March the Australian Government responded by permitting graduates who have studied and worked in regional Australia to apply for a further 12-month term on their Post Study Work Visa. 

The details are still not clear, but it looks like ICHM graduates who have worked in South Australia or other slow-population growth regions are eligible to apply for this extension. 

The aim is to boost the number of people living in Adelaide and South Australia. For a lot of students getting the chance to work in Australia after graduation is a particular attraction. So they choose Australia over other quality education destinations for this reason. 

Of course other students have reasons to pursue their careers elsewhere - in their home country, in Middle East or elsewhere, and their choices are just as valid. Some students have family and friends attracting them to bigger Australian cities. 

But the potential of an extra year Post Study Work Visa is attractive, and we see that a lot of our existing and prospective students will look twice at this opportunity.

Through our representation on the board of Study Adelaide and the Minister for Education’s Council of International Education we have worked for this policy and are pleased that it has come to fruition in its present form.

To read the announcement in full, go to the website: 


We expect further details to be available on the Department of Home Affairs website in due course.