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10.03.19 | On Course E-newsletter, ICHM Graduate Story

Business Interest

Graduate Ang Sherpa has long held an interest in business and hospitality, and the graduate is now happily in Adelaide and immersed in both. 

Graduate Ang Sherpa arrived in Adelaide from the Nepal Academy of Tourism & Hotel Management (NATHM) in 2013, achieving the Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) and Bachelor of International Hotel Management (Swiss Hotel Association).

Her industry placement while at ICHM was at Four Seasons Sydney, and she continued to work part time at InterContinental Adelaide throughout her studies.

In February this year she took over as owner/manager of Plenty, a gem of a weekday café nestled in Hutt Street, in close proximity to Adelaide’s vibrant East End. 

Ang is barista and front of house and has the gift of always delivering service with a smile.

Her ambition as she builds the business it to move up to something bigger, and potentially fine dining. The 26 year old is no stranger to hard work - on weekends she can still be found at InterContinental Adelaide, as barista for the property’s Riverside Restaurant.  

She says that Adelaide is a beautiful city offering excellent quality of life.

Her advice to any Nepalese students considering ICHM is to give it a try.

‘ICHM’s approach to learning is very different compared to Nepal and I found it much more research-based.

‘In coming to ICHM I got the tools, resources and contacts that helped me get my foot in the door and to start a career leading to my future’, she says.

By necessity, Ang has put catching up with friends on hold until she has the time. 

ICHM established a partnership with government-owned NATHM in Kathmandu in 2008 and has gone on to secure pathways with five other hotel colleges in Kathmandu, including the Global Academy of Tourism & Hospitality Education (GATE).