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18.01.19 | OnCourse, ICHM News

World First

‘Well it’s just like you’ve always said - network, network, network!’ 

These were the words of David Utschink to ICHM Chief Executive Gerald Lipman when reporting on his new position at Project Wing, run by a division of international California-based Alphabet (Google’s parent company). 

‘One of my connections headhunted me to work for Project Wing after seeing I was promoted to Duty Manager at Doma Hotels, and made me an offer too good to refuse’, says David.

Project Wing has been testing drones in outer suburbs of Canberra. It is now readying its technologies for cities - to expand across suburban Canberra and Australia and the rest of the world 

Users can order food, coffee, over-the-counter medicines and hardware products using an app that figures out a flight path with the software developed described as ‘kind of like Google Maps for the skies’.

‘I am extremely excited to do something different to refresh my batteries and see where it takes me’, says David.

David started out as a Guest Service Agent at Doma’s Little National and Brassey Hotels and was promoted to Duty Manager last year, charged with conducting site inspections, managing accounts, and working to exceed sales targets.

While at ICHM he was the youngest person seconded to the G20 Taskforce as an accommodation intern, within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. In his role on the Taskforce, he worked with Kathryn Carling, Hotel Manager at Little National, who encouraged him to join the LNH team - another example of network. network, network! in action.

In 2018 David was awarded Best Front of House Employee by the Australian Hotels Association, ACT Branch, and in 2017 he was nominated as the Doma Hotels’ representative for the Receptionist of the Year competition, hosted by Amicale Internationale des Chefs de Reception (AICR). In the same year, he was awarded Doma Hotels’ Employee of the Month (for February).

‘Through ICHM I gained accumulated an incredible group of friends and we created memories to last a lifetime. 

‘I also learnt to multitask, which helped me tremendously, especially when I moved into the Duty Manager role’, he says.
From Toowoomba, Queensland, David was the recipient of a $25,000 scholarship to ICHM in 2013. 

He graduated in September 2016 with the Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) and Bachelor of International Hotel Management (Swiss Hotel Association).

Another graduate in Canberra, Victoria Matterson, is Director of Victory Edge Consulting, having moved into the completely different field of government relations and social policy design.  

Other ICHM graduates in Canberra are:

  • Michelle Khoo - Guest Service Agent, Doma Hotels
  • Aaron Lee - Bar Management Team, Kokomos Restaurant
  • Danielle Tong - Guest Service Agent, Hyatt Hotel Canberra  
  • Pui Yee (Jane) Lee - Guest Service Agent, Hyatt Hotel Canberra 
  • Violet Tan - Guest Service Agent, Hyatt Hotel Canberra
  • Jane Lee - Front Office, Park Hyatt