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04.10.18 | OnCourse, ICHM News

Next Generation

First year Georgie Lehmann’s mother Nicki Lehmann (nee Wittenberg) was a student at ICHM, which makes Georgie an ICHM ‘first’. 

Georgie Lehmann is the first offspring of an ICHM student to enroll at ICHM. Her mother Nicki was in ICHM’s inaugural year, 1993. 

And while at ICHM, Nicki met up with Georgie’s father David Lehmann, then a student in Business and Hospitality at Regency Hotel School.

The pair married in 1997 and then worked in South Africa and travelled around Europe before returning home to the Barossa Valley, where the Lehmann name is synonymous with fine wine.

Georgie, the first of the pair’s three children, grew up exposed to, surrounded by and immersed in wine and its inevitable partner, hospitality. 

After completing Year 12 at Faith Lutheran College, she enrolled in Marine Biology and Aquaculture at Flinders University, but after three months the lure of hospitality won out. 

She had worked part time at famed Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop and Darling Food with Passion while at school, and before starting at Flinders University she worked full time as Cellar Door Manager at the family’s David Franz Wines. A role she picked up again before starting at ICHM in July this year. 

Georgie is already thinking about her industry placements: she has plans to go to the Park Hyatt Melbourne for her first placement next year and offshore for her second placement in the following year because she loves to travel.

Her ambition is to be in a management role, specifically in Food and Beverage, and she is looking to expand her skills and knowledge across the sector.

But at the moment she is enjoying life on campus and has made friends with students from a number of countries, including Taiwan, Nepal and Japan.

‘When arriving at ICHM I didn’t know anyone, but after being introduced to my housemates I quickly made friends. It’s exciting, because even after a short time at ICHM I have connections all over the world'.