ICHM CEO Gerald Lipman
02.07.18 | OnCourse

From the Chief Executive

Our Masters was approved in May 2018 and our first intake will take place in July 2018. As with other ICHM programs, we will have two intakes a year in January and July.

For ICHM graduates - indeed for anyone interested in the Masters - there are two critical questions: ‘Can I enrol in the program?’ and ‘What credit will I get in the program?’

While the holder of any Bachelor Degree (or Vocational Graduate Diploma) can enrol directly in the ICHM Masters Degree, we do have other pathways for alumni who may not have done a degree. Those of you who have completed the Swiss Hotel Association Diploma or our Advanced Diploma and have experience may be permitted to enrol directly into the Graduate Diploma. Successful progression along this pathway will allow you to move into the Master of International Hotel Management (Swiss Hotel Association).

Many students now at ICHM have already advised that they want to enrol in the Masters rather than do the existing second degree—the Bachelor of International Hotel Management (Swiss Hotel Association).

Graduates of ICHM’s Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) are given credit for four subjects in the Masters, reflecting the depth of subjects in the undergraduate program. They will be able to complete the Masters in 18 months.

Those who completed programs at ICHM prior to the Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) will also get credit, but there is a different credit schedule for each qualification.

Just as ICHM’s undergraduate programs have prepared students for careers in hotels in Australia and around the world, the Masters degree has a strong hotel industry focus.  Applicants who did not study hotel management in their undergraduate program will study Food and Beverage and Accommodation subjects, ensuring they have knowledge of these important departments in hotels.

A six-month research project, where students work in a hotel in Australia or elsewhere, forms part of the program. This is similar to the Industry Placements in our Bachelor program; however, Masters students need to complete a graduate-level research project under ICHM’s supervision.

Readers will be aware that ICHM has a Graduate in Industry International Advisory Committee (GIIAC) comprising 20 experienced alumni who give advice to the college on curriculum development. A significant number of GIIAC contributed their expertise to the content of the Masters curriculum, for which we are grateful.

The Masters degree is badged by the Swiss Hotel Association, once again showing their support for and endorsement of ICHM and its students.

The Masters Degree takes all the elements of ICHM - professionalism, industry focus and high academic standards - to the next level. It will fast track our students for leadership positions.

We are taking our first enrolments in July 2018, but expect a bigger uptake in January 2019.

It will be recalled that ICHM is owned by Charles Darwin University (CDU), and we are working with CDU to develop an online Masters in July 2019. (Note: we will require approval from TEQSA, the regulator, to offer online programs, and such approval is still to be obtained.)

ICHM is offering a special price for our 3300 graduates in recognition of their loyalty. Please contact our Admissions Department for details admissions@ichm.edu.au 

It would be great if we could see you back on campus once again!

Gerald Lipman