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05.06.18 | OnCourse

International Food Fair

More than 30 enthusiastic students chopped, diced, steamed and roasted their way to create an internationally inspired feast at the International Food Fair on Sunday evening 3 June, with a delighted 90 guests plating up delicious food from 12 different countries. 

Dishes from Vietnam, for example, included rice paper with chili oil and Tabukin (based on pork sausage), and from South Korea, fried seaweed roll and Tabukin (made from rice cake). As well as these two countries, others represented were Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, France, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Australia and Russia.

The International Food Fair, held each semester at Regency International House, is a highlight event for the Student Representative Council (SRC).

SRC President Mu-Ning (Munir) Chen took on the role of facilitator, working largely behind the scenes, with Vice President Jacklyn Debuque front-of-house, helping with set up.  (Pictured)

These third year’s both agreed that the Food Fair is a chance for students to get together and have fun, while producing an international menu to proudly showcase their cultural diversity.

‘It also a an opportunity for students in first year to work with students in third year - and for all of us to get to know each other and the lecturers more informally, based on something we all know and love - food and different cultures’, says Munir.

‘We just hope everyone enjoys themselves,’ says Jacklyn, ‘as long as everyone leaves happy, we’re happy’.

Lectures took on signature ‘Aussie’ desserts, which included tiramisu, Pavlova, Tim-Tam biscuit slice, frog in a pond and apple pie.

Lecturer Richard Hunter said that the International Food Fair is an opportunity for the students to diversify and expand on what they do in the classroom and restaurant.

‘The students are often involved in group activities, but the Food Fair is the only time they get to prepare food to exhibit their own cultures.

‘It’s a lot about community and sharing, and also a welcome break from study before exams start the following week’, says Richard.

Entertainment included an online quiz and a teamwork challenge.