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Note: The Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) are fully online and do not require on-campus attendance, students will access all student, academic and support services via the online learning platform.

ICHM is committed to developing graduates with a level of transferable skills making them experts in their chosen focus areas such as marketing, hospitality or entrepreneurship but professional generalists in the overarching discipline of business.

We pride ourselves in providing an ICHM community which is inclusive, engaging and committed to each student being able to share their individual strengths and attributes.

We work hard but also take every opportunity to experience the fun of campus life. We work to engage both on-campus and online cohorts in all facets of campus life to ensure deep networks and connections can be developed for future career opportunities. A number of campus life elements are available for you to discover:

ICHM provides all students with the academic support needed to fully appreciate and respond to the demands of study and campus life. It is an environment second to none when it comes to enhancing students’ development and applying that knowledge in their professional life.


We offer a comprehensive range of academic support services enabling students to access the assistance that best suits their learning needs, from one-on-one support to small or large group workshops. ICHM also has specialist literacy and learning support staff on hand to guide students.


Our Student Welfare Officers ensure all students have the support and guidance they need to address any issue that might adversely affect their studies and/ or general well-being while at ICHM.


As the student’s first point of contact, our Welfare Officer works closely with students guiding, managing and resolving any situations that may arise from personal, cultural or study-related challenges.


ICHM’s Welfare Officer is also involved with student induction and plays a key role in ensuring ICHM students are well integrated into the unique ICHM ‘family’ culture.


All students at ICHM have access to a range of services to assist them during their study. These services include a comprehensive student induction program as well as ongoing guidance.


A Student Engagement Group formed by students enhances social activities and helps with any academic issues. From uniforms and timetables to organising graduation ceremonies, ICHMs administration staff are on hand to assist with all general student enquiries.


ICHM’s curriculum is subject to constant updates and review, to ensure it continues to meet the highest industry expectations, and higher education standards.

View the content or subject descriptors for on campus programmes:

View content or subject descriptors for our online offerings:

For additional detail regarding the accreditation of the ICHM programs, see the Quality Assurance page


On Campus Learning

Academic study periods at ICHM are rigorous, with on campus students usually required to engage in seminars from Monday to Friday. As a result, students are encouraged to manage their time and study habits efficiently; allowing time for campus life activities and connection with family and friends.


Online Learning

Online learning is a digitally native study platform, with life-freedom to study anywhere, anytime.

The majority of study is completed online, and is supported with scheduled interactive webinars and Work Integrated Learning. Online study gives you flexibility, while ensuring you have skills to hit the ground running.


Group sizes vary each year of study; with operational, service and ICT based subjects taught in small groups. A seminar teaching model is used for the delivery of most subjects. Learning is a partnership; enquiry is driven by you the student with the Lecturer as your expert facilitator and guide. It is interactive expecting you to challenge, be curious, innovate and curate your ideal learning experience.


At every opportunity we work to provide authentic assessment linked directly to industry. Assessment methods can include industry based case studies, practical observation, group work, essays, personal portfolios, presentations, log books, written assessments, reflective assessment and industry based assessment.


There are options for both on or off campus accommodation while studying ICHMs Bachelor of Business (Hotel Management) or Master of International Hotel Management. More information can be found here.

Off Campus Accommodation

On Campus Accommodation


During face to face course on campus semesters ICHM students will use a number of academic and operational learning areas including:

  • Lecture theatres and, seminar rooms

  • A purpose built wine laboratory

  • 120 seat a-la-carte restaurant open to the public

  • Function facilities, computer suite ad, on campus library

  • A practice bar and restaurant areas

  • A fully equipped industrial kitchen.

It really is an exciting study environment.


The ICHM Student Engagement Group comprises a group of student representatives from all ICHM programs. The main objective of the SEG is to ensure that students have an input into the decision-making processes of ICHM, especially where the decisions directly affect the ICHM student body. Students are elected by their peers to represent the interests of the students in their degree, and to provide information to the group on SEG discussions and activities.


The purpose of this Advisory Group is to review, monitor and report on the Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment (SASH) action plan, as well as to recommend improvements to enhance student welfare, the work environment and education and training in relation to bullying and harassment, sexual assault, and mental health.​ Student representation on this group is paramount to its success.


The purpose of the Sustainability Committee is to review, monitor and report on ICHM sustainable practices and recommend improvements so as to enhance ICHM’s sustainability footprint.


The Teaching and Learning Committee meets quarterly and is tasked with ensuring the improvement of ICHM’s teaching and learning environment, making recommendations to the ICHM Academic Board. An important function is ensuring the ICHM Teaching and Learning Plan is operationalised and that the quality of teaching delivery is maintained throughout all the degrees. Student engagement from each ICHM degree creates an environment ongoing focus of teaching and delivery excellence.


Please refer to the ICHM Student handbook for further information on campus support and engagement.




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