Rules, Policies & Procedures

Rules, Policies & Procedures

Rules, Policies and Procedures of the International College of Hotel Management for the Master of International Hotel Management (Swiss Hotel Association); Bachelor of International Hotel Management (Swiss Hotel Association); Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) and Study Abroad Program.

As part of your enrolment, students are required to abide by the following:

 Academic Grievance.pdf
 Access And Equity.pdf
 Admission and Enrolment.pdf
 Alcohol And Other Drugs.pdf
 Assessment Validation and Moderation.pdf
 Change of Provider.pdf
 Computer and Internet.pdf
 Course Progression.pdf
 Critical Incident Policy - External.pdf
 English and Second Language.pdf
 Enrolment of Minors.pdf
 Fee and Refund.pdf
 Issue of Testamur and Record of Results.pdf
 Mature Age Entry.pdf
 Non Academic Grievance.pdf
 Personal Appearance and Uniform.pdf
 Personal Conduct.pdf
 Program Development, Review and Amendment.pdf
 Reasonable Adjustment.pdf
 Recognition of Prior Learning.pdf
 Re-Crediting a Fee-HELP Balance.pdf
 Results, Grades and Awards.pdf
 WIL Placement.pdf
 Withdrawal and Deferral.pdf


Tuition Fees and Census Dates

For those students eligible to access FEE-HELP, they should view the ICHM FEE-HELP page to see additional information including tuition fees and census dates.

ESOS and the National Code of Practice

The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Legislative Framework has been designed to establish and maintain national standards for the provision of education and training services to international students. The legislation aims to protect international students and guarantee quality education. The ESOS Framework link below provides a brief summary of the Act, you can also view the full version.

The National Code of Practice provides nationally consistent standards for the conduct of registered providers and the registration of their courses.

The ESOS Framework
The ESOS Act
Students Rights and Responsibilities Under the ESOS Framework
Overview of the National Code
The National Code 2018

ICHM Admissions Information Set

The information set below outlines ICHM's admission policies and processes, that are considered necessary for enabling a prospective student to gauge and compare its admission criteria and application options, to that of other educational providers. 

 ICHM Admissions Information.pdf