On Campus Semesters

The academic structure at ICHM is demanding and involves on-campus semesters as well as work placements or a research semester to put into practice what students have learnt. 

The Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) degree requires students to undertake higher education subjects during their on-campus semester followed by their six month Work Integrated Learning (WIL) semester every study year. The on-campus academic semester is essentially one standard university year of study taught within a six month period.

Students in the Master of International Hotel Management course undertake three on-campus semesters delivered over eighteen months and a final Professional Practice Research Project of six months in industry.

While it is an enjoyable learning experience, students should be organised and prepared to invest the required time to achieve high academic achievement. Each section below provides additional information regarding the ICHM curriculum, how lectures and tutorials are presented, methods of assessment and campus administration. 


The academic semesters at ICHM are rigorous, with students usually required to attend lectures and tutorials from Monday to Friday. As a result, students are encouraged to manage their time and study habits efficiently; allowing time for other activities such as playing sport and spending time with friends and family.

Lectures & Tutorials

Group sizes vary each year of study; with operational, service and computer based subjects taught in small groups. A lecture and tutorial teaching model is used for the delivery of most subjects. Students are expected to participate fully by contributing to discussions and debate to assist them in forming their own opinions.


Many subjects have exams, but these are rarely the only form of assessment. Assessment methods can include practical tests, group work, essays, personal portfolios, presentations, log books, written assessments and case studies. Each subject and WIL placement has three assessments spread across the semester. With student workloads a major consideration in assessment timing.

Teaching Facilities

During their on campus semesters ICHM students will use a number of academic and operational learning areas including: lecture theatres, tutorial rooms, a purpose built wine laboratory, 120 seat a-la-carte restaurant open to the public; function facilities, computer suite, on campus library, practice bar and restaurant areas, and a fully equipped industrial kitchen. It really is an exciting study environment.

Academic Support

ICHM provides all students with the academic support needed to fully appreciate and respond to the demands of study and campus life.
It is an environment second to none when it comes to enhancing students’ development and applying that knowledge in their professional life. We offer a comprehensive range of academic support services enabling students to access the assistance that best suits their learning needs – from one-on-one support to small or large group workshops. ICHM also has specialist literacy and learning support staff on hand to guide students.

Academic Learning Support - available 9am to 5pm on weekdays

Student Counselling & Welfare

Our Student Welfare Officer’s ensure all students have the support and guidance they need to address any issue that might adversely affect their studies and/ or general well-being while at ICHM.
As the student’s first point of contact, our Welfare Officer works closely with students guiding, managing and resolving any situations that may arise from personal, cultural or study-related challenges. ICHM’s Welfare Officer is also involved with student induction and plays a key role in ensuring ICHM students are well integrated into the unique ICHM ‘family’ culture.

Counselling and Welfare Support – available 8am to 5.30pm, Monday to Thursday

Student Services & Campus Administration

All students at ICHM have access to a range of services to assist them during their study. These services include a comprehensive student induction program as well as ongoing guidance.
A Student Representative Council formed by students enhances social activities and helps with any academic issues.
From uniforms and timetables to organising graduation ceremonies, ICHM’s administration staff are on hand to assist with all general student enquiries.

Administration and Admissions – available 8.30am to 4.30pm on weekdays

Critical incident support – available 24/7, contact details provided to students when they commence