When you enrol at ICHM you can also apply for a federal government FEE-HELP loan to pay part or all of your tuition fees, subject to eligibility requirements. The loan doesn’t cover additional costs such as accommodation, meals, uniforms, laptops or textbooks.

The loan must be repaid to the government when you earn over the annual published threshold amount.


For further information and to apply, visit Study Assist.


It’s important to understand what census dates are and how they affect you.

The census date is set for each subject by study period. It marks the date when you become financially liable or the last date for which you can withdraw from a subject without financial penalty or the FEE-HELP loan being credited.

As a full fee-paying domestic student, the census date is:

  • the final date for you to submit your Request for FEE-HELP assistance form (if eligible)

  • Or to make any up-front payments if not eligible for FEE-HELP.

Information relating to the 2021 schedule can be found at Fee Help Schedule and Census Date 2021.

For any related questions, please contact the admissions office.












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