How To Apply - International Students

International students may apply directly to the ICHM Admissions office or via a authorised ICHM agent/representative.

International students may apply directly to the ICHM Admissions office or via a authorised ICHM agent/representative

1. Application for Enrolment

Apply using the on-line application system, or by downloading the pdf application form; attaching all required documents (e.g. certified academic transcripts). Scholarships are available, check the website for details - Apply Now.

Certified academic transcripts/supporting documents must be provided in English. These may be certified by the school/institution that issued the original documents, Public Notary or other independent source approved by ICHM.

If using the pdf for email to

2. Letter of Offer

ICHM will advise you of the outcome of your application within two weeks. Some applications may take longer to process as additional information may be required; and RPL/credit transfers usually take extra time. 

If your application is successful, ICHM will send a Letter of Offer to you or your agent, confirming the course you have been offered, fees payable and course commencement date.

To accept the offer you must sign and return the Acceptance Letter and pay the New Student Fee of A$250. This must be done in 21 days after the date of the Letter of Offer from ICHM.  

3. Confirmation of Enrolment

Upon receipt of the New Student Fee, ICHM will formally notify you that you have been accepted. The electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) form will be sent directly to your representative if they are assisting with your application. You will need the Confirmation of Enrolment to apply for your Student Visa.

4. Payment of Semester Fees

The invoice in step 2 will advise you of the amount and due date for payment. If you receive the Letter of Offer within 60 days or less of the commencement date, then full fees are payable immediately upon receipt of this letter.

5. Student Visa Application

International students intending to study at ICHM must apply for a Student Visa. For more information regarding student visas, visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website. 

ICHM is an approved Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP) provider. Under the streamlined student visa processing arrangements, eligible student visa applicants from participating universities and eligible higher education providers are assessed as though they are a lower immigration risk, irrespective of their country of origin.

ICHM will assess each application, and reserves the right to request additional information as required. This means you might need to provide additional documents or information to satisfy the genuine temporary entrant requirement. This information may also be reviewed by ICHM’s external verification agent.

In most cases the process should take just a few weeks; some may take longer if additional information and verification is required.

6. New Student Information Pack

Approximately six weeks prior to course commencement, you will be sent an information pack outlining what you need to bring and answers to frequently asked questions. New students should also advise ICHM when they will arrive at campus and if pickup is required. Please ensure that the ICHM Admissions Office has your correct personal email address.

Step 6. Pack your bags for an experience you will never forget! 

Most students don’t know anyone else when they first arrive. We suggest you relax, don’t worry, and be your friendly, outgoing self. ICHM has great orientation activities, designed especially to make you feel welcome and settle in as quickly as possible.

Payment of Fees & Payment Plans

International student fees may be paid by electronic bank transfer, credit card, or bank cheque.

International student fees may be paid by electronic bank transfer, credit card, or bank cheque.

Electronic Bank Transfer Details

National Australia Bank

70 Pirie Street,
Adelaide SA 5000 Australia

ICHM ESOS Trust Account
BSB: 085-070
Acc: 65 470 3258
Note: ICHM receives bank transfers from many students in many different countries. It is VERY important that when student fees are paid by bank transfer, students also email/fax a copy of the bank deposit receipt to the ICHM Admission Office. 

Credit Card

ICHM is able to accept payment using either Visa or Mastercard. American Express and Diners Club not accepted.

Bank Cheque

Please make bank cheques in Australian Dollars payable to : ICHM ESOS Trust Account

Send To:
Postal Address:
ICHM Admissions Office
PO Box 125, Kilkenny
SA 5009, Australia


Courier/Street Address:
ICHM Admissions Office
137 Days Road
Regency Park

Payment Plans Information & Application Form

Depending our your situation, you can pay your fees in three ways; in full or in two to three instalments.

Australian Students can apply to pay by instalments for Accommodation fees only; Australian students can defer their Tuition fees using FEE-HELP.

International Students can apply to pay by instalments for Accommodation and Tuition fees.

Details and charges that apply to paying by instalments is contained in the attachment below: