English & Foundation/Tertiary Preparation Programs

ICHM is a Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP) approved provider, students may package their student visa with one of our three partner providers. For English study, students may package ICHM with Eynesbury; South Australian College of English (SACE) or the Intensive English Language Institute (IELI). If students require a Foundation/Tertiary Preparation program prior to their studies at ICHM, students may package with Eynesbury or SACE. 

Following is a brief summary of each institution:

ICHM has a long standing relationship with Eynesbury in Adelaide, for the purpose of helping students improve their English language ability prior to commencing their studies at ICHM; or providing them with a tertiary preparation program that will help them prepare for the academic rigor of the ICHM degrees.

Founded in 1989, Eynesbury is part of the Navitas group and has an outstanding record of academic achievement and is experienced in delivering programs tailored for international students. Eynesbury incorporates Eynesbury College, Eynesbury Academy of English (ECAE) and the Eynesbury Institute of Business and Technology.

Eynesbury College Academy of English

The Eynesbury College Academy of English provides high-quality English Language programs that are taught by qualified Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Studying English at the same campus as Eynesbury’s other academic programs allows students to mix with others, while preparing to transition into ICHM.

Duration : 10 weeks per level.
Intakes : Nine intakes per year, each a five week duration.

Foundation Program

The Eynesbury Foundation Program provides a foundation for direct entry into all ICHM. To progress to ICHM students need to successfully complete three core and three elective subjects, with an overall score range of 280 - 330.  Entry into the the Foundation Program requires students to have successfully completed the equivalent of Year 11 at an Australian high school (e.g. O Levels).

Foundation Duration : Three terms (9 months)
English Requirements : IELTS 5.5 (no band below 5.0)
Intakes : Three intakes each year - January, April and October.

For further information contact visit eynesbury.navitas.com







SACE Adelaide was established in 1987 and is a leader in English language training. A member of the International Association of Language Colleges, SACE Adelaide is a recognised Teacher Training Centre.

Students enjoy a supervised Self Access Centre, academic counselling and an integrated community connections programme.

Offering a wide range of courses for you to choose from, flexible courses, small class sizes and a balance of student nationalities, SACE Adelaide aims to help you communicate in English as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For further information contact visit https://saceadelaide.edu.au/ 

The English College of Adelaide (ECA) is a NEAS endorsed ELICOS college located in Adelaide, South Australia. Established in 1991, ECA is a college which caters for students determined to acquire the English skills needed to succeed in social, business and academic life. 

ECA teachers are energetic, dynamic and caring. They are committed to challenging and encouraging students to develop their English skills to the highest level they can.

For further information contact visit eca-jca.edu.au/

IELI has two English language schools in the city of Adelaide: IELI, on the campus of Flinders University and IELI City. IELI is committed to working with students to provide the best English language education and service possible.

IELI believes that communication is the key to providing good service and helping students get the most benefit from their English programs. IELI offers 8 levels of English (0-7), and the skills of Reading&Writing, Communication and Listening are divided into separate classes.

In addition, at IELI you can study at your level of English. If your speaking skills are better than your reading skills you can study in a higher speaking class, and a lower reading class. 

For further information contact visit ieli.com.au