On Course at Course Commencement

Monday, March 07, 2016 3:44pm

From Europe to Asia, country South Australia to Gabon, central Africa, ICHM students at Course Commencement were from all corners of the globe. At last count, 85 countries have been represented at ICHM in the past 23 years, making Regency International House a melting pot of cultures. On Course spoke to a random sample.


Fourth Year

Born in Switzerland and educated in Lausanne, Mark moved to Singapore for International Baccalaureate studies at age 16. He came to ICHM in 2012, liking the mix of theory and practice and two bachelor degrees. His placements have been at the Sofitel Melbourne, Westin Melbourne and Sofitel Bangkok Thailand. After degree studies, he plans to return to Bangkok where he has a job lined up. ‘I’ll run my own place eventually’, he says.


Second Year

Born in Hong Kong, Jacky arrived in Adelaide in 2008 and started Year 9 at Prince Alfred College. He went on to two years of university studying physiotherapy; however, he found his way back to ICHM having attended Career Week. His first placement was at Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island and his second will be Niseko Ski Resort, Japan, through a contact made at the Lodge. ‘ICHM means you can do a bit of everything that you need to in a workplace and I’m interested in seeing where that takes me’, he says.


First Year 

Benji is ICHM’s first student from Gabon, a sovereign state on the west coast of Africa. He started tertiary studies doing a Bachelor of Commerce (Management), but deciding to make a switch to hotel management he made plans to move to Switzerland. However, a friend told him about ICHM and he changed course for Australia. ‘I thought ICHM sounded amazing and it has been a great decision’, he says. The Swiss Hotel Association affiliation and the industry placement structure of the program were ICHM’s drawcards. Benji’s father is supportive and pleased he is taking the course seriously. One of Benjy’s goals is to eventually work in the family’s hospitality business in Gabon.




First Year

Maddie and Gigi met by chance at the 2015 Schoolies Festival at Victor Harbor to celebrate end of school. The pair quickly discovered they were both going to ICHM in the coming year. Maddie went to her local area school and Gigi to Wilderness.  Maddie’s sister Grace is a year ahead at ICHM and currently doing her first industry placement with Great Southern Rail on The Ghan and Indian Pacific. Maddie had intended going to the University of South Australia, but decided ICHM was also for her. She looks forward to her first industry placement, and she has in mind Hamilton Island, Queensland.  Gigi says ICHM combined a lot of her interests, in particular, in business and event management. She found the industry placement component attractive because of the experiences. She also has Hamilton Island in mind for her first industry placement, following in the footsteps of fellow Wilderness students Liian Danvers and Zofia Foley.


First Year

Jessica is ICHM’s only student from China this semester. She enrolled at ICHM after a year studying Accounting at UniSA, deciding that hotel management suited her personality better because it involves working with people.  She is also interested in two degrees in the one program. ‘This school is amazing. It’s not just study, as you get to practice what you learn. The lecturers really know what they are talking about and show you how to do things. It’s not at all boring and I have had some terrific experiences already’, she says. Jessica wants to live in Adelaide, with the Hilton Adelaide her number work preference.