Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer/Advanced Standing

Students are encouraged to apply for credit transfer/advanced standing for study taken at another institution; as well as time they may have spent working in the hospitality industry.

Approved credit may reduce a students overall cost and study workload.

This policy is most commonly applied to:

  • Students who have undertaken some study at other hotel schools looking to transfer, and gain the advantage of the Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) or; or Master of International Hotel Management (SHA).
  • People with business-related diplomas or degrees wanting to enter the hotel industry to change their career direction.
  • Industry personnel with experience and some training seeking qualifications with international recognition.

To apply for recognition you must:

  • Submit a full application to ICHM indicating that you want to apply for recognition of your prior learning.
  • Students will be required to submit certified English translations of all academic/other documents (e.g. curriculum) where necessary.
  • Where recognition is not granted prior to commencement students will be required to attend classes until exemptions are determined.
  • As part of the recognition assessment, where students are unable to provide sufficient documentation and evidence, recognition cannot be granted.
  • A process of appeal is available in cases of disputes over decisions or refunds granted under these policies.