ICHM Fees 2017

About Fee Help

FEE-HELP allows Australian students to borrow money from the Federal Government for the Year 1 - 4 tuition fees at ICHM; this is the length of time that may be required to complete both the Bachelor of International Hotel Management (Swiss Hotel Association) and Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management). Note that they cannot borrow for textbooks, uniforms, or Accommodation and Meals (Regency International House fees).

FEE-HELP is a loan from the Federal Government this must be repaid. Students looking to access FEE-HELP should visit the Government's Study Assist FEE-HELP websiteHere you will find all the information students would need to understand the FEE-HELP program.

If you have any questions in regards to FEE-HELP please contact the ICHM Admissions Office.

Fee Help Tuition Fees & Census Dates

Important information regarding the FEE-HELP Census dates can be found in the following documents. Prospective students should view the Rules, Policies and Procedures page for all polices relating to FEE-HELP and attending ICHM.

 FEE HELP Fee Schedule Census 2016.pdf
 FEE HELP Fee Schedule Census 2017.pdf