ICHM College Council

The function of the College Council is to direct and oversee management of ICHM, by determining the strategic direction and values as set out in the Strategic Plan. The College Council is collectively responsible and accountable for monitoring the organisation’s performance against the Strategic Plan, to ensure it is solvent and complies with all its legal, financial and ethical obligations and higher education standards.

ICHM College Council Members

Ms Bodelle Francis - Hotel Manager - Adelaide Oval Hotel 

Ms Denise von Wald - Board and Management Consultant 

Mr Kevin Lynch - Chief Development Officer - UP Education

Mr Colm Saunders - Chief Financial Officer - UP Education 

Mrs Natalie Simmons - Chief Executive Officer - ICHM  

ICHM Academic Board

The College Council established the Academic Board in 1992 to provide academic oversight and monitoring of all ICHM academic activities including those of its partners through quality assurance of its higher education operations. The Board’s key responsibilities include the setting, monitoring and maintenance of academic standards and policies to ensure ICHM students have quality learning experiences and outcomes. It will act independently in satisfying these accountabilities and will monitor and report to the College Council on the quality of teaching and learning.

In fulfilling its academic leadership role, the Academic Board shall follow the Higher Education Standards Framework against which TEQSA registers and assesses the performance of higher education providers.

ICHM Academic Board Members

Professor Sue Carthew - President - ICHM Academic Board, Pro Vice Chancellor - Charles Darwin University

Professor Graham Brown - Professor of Tourism Management - School of International Business, University of SA, Adelaide 

Dr Carl Driesener - Senior Lecturer - University of SA, Adelaide

Dr Ueli Schneider - Head of Business Development - Swiss Hotel Association, Bern, Switzerland

Mr Justin McConnell - Cluster General Manager - Next Hotels & Resorts, Adelaide 

Mr Eoin Loftus - Chairman - Tourism Industry Council of South Australia, Adelaide

Professor Roberta Crouch - Professor of Business Management - Flinders University, Adelaide

Mrs Natalie Simmons - Chief Executive Officer - ICHM, Adelaide

Dr George Brown - Principal - ICHM, Adelaide

Ms Kellie Lumsden - Program Director - ICHM, Adelaide