ICHM is committed to developing graduates who are competent professionals in the hospitality industry demonstrating employment-related and professional practice skills as well as disciplinary content knowledge and expertise. The ICHM College Council, the ICHM Academic Board and the Board of the Swiss Hotel Association have approved the following Graduate Qualities (GQ).

Graduate Qualities

GQ1 The acquisition of a systematic, coherent and in-depth body of knowledge relating to the hospitality industry, the underlying principles and concepts, and associated industry communication and professional skills.

GQ2 An appreciation of the social, cultural and environmental contexts of the hospitality industry, its operations and development and of the issues of significance to both the industry and wider community, including sustainability.

GQ3 A capacity to relate to and collaborate with others to exchange views and ideas and to achieve desired outcomes through teamwork, leadership, networking, negotiation and conflict resolution.

GQ4 The ability to research, evaluate and use information and ideas from a broad range of sources to effectively identify, formulate and solve problems, to generate ideas and demonstrate a capacity for initiative, judgement, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking.

GQ5 The ability to communicate effectively and appropriately in a range of hospitality industry contexts using communication, literacy, numeracy and information technology skills.

GQ6 An awareness of, and sensitivity to ethics and ethical standards in interpersonal, social and industry contexts.

GQ7 A commitment to self-directed lifelong learning and intellectual development. 

GQ8 A commitment to “Swissness'', a concept that includes punctuality, the role of formality, rigorousness, professionalism, excellence, precision, respect for guests, linguistic ability and a global mindset.